About The Project

About The Project


So much is changing in the world of media: new creation tools and environments, new delivery and distribution channels, new devices for media consumption and interaction, and new business models. Because media is becoming a high-tech industry, both industry professionals and students of the craft need to move faster, jump in, and actively shape the future of media, rather than just adapt and adopt.

The Media-Nxt project, conceived through the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship within Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, works to engage media stakeholders at all levels of their career with emerging technologies and their applications within the industry at large. By teaching future (and current) media professionals to better identify important shifts in culture and technological development, we can ensure that our work remains relevant as communication trends change and evolve.

In Summer 2017, Media-Nxt released its inaugural report on emerging media technology, identifying early-stage media tech startups as well. Our mission to help shape the future of media continues.

Special Thanks to Tom Boyle

Many thanks to Tom Boyle for being the angel behind this Media-Nxt Report, supporting and seed funding our efforts to research, compile and bring this information to media executives, while creating a phenomenal opportunity for students to research and glimpse the future they will shape.

Tom Boyle is the Founder of Boyle Ventures, which provides advice, funding and incubation of consumer startups driven by technology. During his career, Tom led the worldwide Coca-Cola system for commercial execution, led brands for both Colgate-Palmolive and Heinz, and co-founded and sold Tradeout.com, a VC-backed startup. Tom is also actively involved with strategy, marketing and fundraising for non-profits in Georgia. Tom holds a BA from Syracuse University (’83) and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (’89).